Elżbieta Knapik

Elżbieta Knapik

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Today, an entry about what I really do. Some of you have probably thought now; like what, you weave tapestries!
And yes and no, because weaving is just one of several elements that makes up what I do every day.

What is it about weaving? Sharpens the senses, stimulates sensitivity to color and touch, teaches discipline, requires concentration, and develops a creative approach
to solve problems.
I am fascinated by the complexity of the process of weaving on harness looms, meditative repetition of movements, and above all practically
unlimited possibilities for pattern design and fabric creation. Working hours with different fibers, their texture, color, weave, kilometers of yarn,
which pass through the fingers of the weaver many times, result in a fabric – there is something magical about it.

I love the moment when the pattern appears. Sometimes it can be seen immediately during work, when the fabric is unbuttoned on looms, sometimes a pattern is visible in all its glory only after washing and ironing the material.

Tapestries are of course the most important stage of my work, there is no doubt. But to create a tapestry you must first learn to weave. Learning some basic formulas is not very time consuming, I think that it takes more time to practice, thanks to which all the sides are even and aesthetically made. This internship lasted for several months. Once we master the patterns, we begin to create our own compositions, and this is where the fun really begins.

Designing … I think that it is one of the most difficult elements of my work, and certainly the most time consuming. It often starts with an idea that germinates slowly somewhere in the head. It’s easier when certain patterns and shapes appear harder when I only have a “glimpse” of what I would like to create. Then I usually wait thinking and thinking over and over how to do it. Work on something new never looks like I sit down in front of the loom and – pyk- after a few hours a tapestry appears. Usually it is even a few days trial. The finished project is always a great joy and satisfaction, and then the moment comes when I want to show it to you.

We move to the next stage, which I am still learning, i.e. presenting tapestries and taking pictures. I always try to show you my work in the interior, in combination with plants, flowers, wooden decorations. I like this style the most, it took me a long time to experiment and finding out what photos I like the most, which show my work the most. Just taking pictures and processing them also absorbs a lot of time. From the beginning of keeping my Instagram account, I try to teach how to take good photos when I can afford to take pictures by phone when I need to use the camera. Taking photos involves publishing them. My favorite social media is Instagram- here I communicate with you most often, I speak to you here and mainly show my work here. I also run a FanPage on Facebook, but I’m moore like it tied as to Instagram. Publishing photos, descriptions, replying to comments and messages are activities that I do every day.

Selling your work means shipping. I honestly admit that this is the stage I like the least. Boxes, tapestry packaging, securing against travel, visiting the post office or ordering a courier – I do it even several times a week.

A few months ago there were new obligations related to the creation of my website. I did it myself with my son-in-law Jakub – I am him extremely grateful. There was a lot of work. Photos of products, their cataloging, name, description of each of them … To create regulations, forms of payment, my vision of graphic design, which I had to skillfully convey.

Another thing to write about here is contact with the customer. Of course, it happens that someone orders a product on the website, pays and waits for shipping, but you ask more often – about prices, dimensions, colors, individual designs. Sometimes I send you suggestions, colors of wool and even draw our joint project and wait for its acceptance.

At the end we have one small, tiny thing, triviality … that is … Running a company! Man learns his whole life and this is the honest truth, especially a man who hates bureaucracy, calculations and paperwork, but as a must it is a must. On the one hand, having your own business is a privilege, on the other, an obligation. Along with its establishment, I had many obligations – invoices, settlements, calculations, deadlines and making payments, I will say briefly – something pleasant but obligatory.

And that’s how we got to the end. Surprised, or did you expect my work to look like this?

Let me know in the comment!

Greetings !

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