Elżbieta Knapik

Elżbieta Knapik

wool woven wall tapestry

What does work mean to you? How much love do you put in your job?

These questions are important for each one of us to make ourselves.. We spend almost our entire life working, and many times we are not happy with.. most times people feel like prisoners of their own jobs.. do you think this is right?

Money is important, as we could not make almost nothing without it, but !! Our life, our health is even more important ! Yes!! And many times we forget about it! Sometimes we spend our entire life unhappy because of our job.. I grew up thinking about it… I started thinking about it since my childhood, my biggest wish and challenge since I was a teenager was to find a passion that made me happy at all times, and I discovered exactly what makes me feel like that and what makes me feel proud of myself.

Today, I spend my time creating with my hands, and this is my passion! It took time to discover exactly this, but! I feel that I discovered it just because I had been thinking about it for a long time.. For me, waking up excited to start working is one of the biggest gifts that your life can offer you.. this weekend, my challenge for you is that you think about it.. stop and think about yourself. About your life and your wishes … because there is nothing more important than You!

Good weekend to all of you!!💕😘

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