5th Anniversary of Lale Studio & Shop

5th Anniversary of Lale Studio & Shop

Five years!
 It seems like a long time, but here we are. We started this company five years ago with bright ideas and our passion for weaving. Many of you joined us along the way and showed continued support. We can’t even begin to express how grateful we are to have you as our supporters.

So, let us start by saying this: Thank you! Thank you for showing your support and helping us continue. Thanks to you, we celebrated the fifth anniversary of Lale studio & shop. Let us share some moments from the anniversary with you today.

The Anniversary

The fifth anniversary is a special milestone for our company, so of course, we had to celebrate it! We wish we could have invited you all to join us. We celebrated the day with champagne and delicious birthday cake. And we reflected on how far we have come in the last five years. We have learned a lot since the weaving workshop we took part in five years ago.

We have explored the art of weaving and looming by ourselves ever since. During our journey, we have made mistakes, learned from them, and transformed fibers into beautiful tapestries. And we have been able to do that because of you.

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who has backed us over the last five years and enabled us to grow thus far. We are where we are now because of you. We know we have supporters all over the globe because we have received orders from many countries.

We have collaborated with hotels and other organizations. It brings us great joy to know that there are people all over the world who enjoy our work and it encourages us. Thanks to your support, we know our work is appreciated.

Thanks to you, our supporters, we have been able to turn our passion into a living. The meticulous process of weaving on a loom and bringing forth the pattern in the fibers is a process that brings us joy. In the last five years, we have been prolific.

Let’s hope that the coming years will be just as productive because we have a lot of new ideas and all we need is more hours in the day. All feedback is highly valuable to us and motivates us to take action. When you send us images of our works on your walls, it means a lot to us that you like what we’ve done.

Last Words

We know we have said it already, but let us say it again; we could not have done it without you, our supporters! We will hone our skills and let our creativity flow through our next projects. We hope this is only the first of many anniversaries to come. And we hope you will be with us in the coming years as well! That’s all we wanted to say for now. Goodbye for now and we hope the rest of your week will be full of joy!

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