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Framed 3 - The Texture That Forms The Frame

Framed 3 - The Texture That Forms The Frame


Framed 3: A Window to Artistic Elegance
Introducing "Framed 3" from our "Framed" collection, a unique tapestry featuring a pattern reminiscent of a rectangular window. This handwoven piece beautifully combines naturalness with subtle design, fitting seamlessly into any interior.

Rectangular Window Pattern - A Symbol of Modernity
The window-like pattern lends a contemporary artistic character to "Framed 3", making it perfect for modern spaces. Its geometric design stands out among other decorative elements.

Tailored to Various Interior Styles
Available with framing options in pine and oak, "Framed 3" harmoniously matches diverse interior styles - from minimalist to Scandinavian, traditional to rustic, adding a unique flair to them.

Universal and Versatile
With its universality, "Framed 3" finds its place in various arrangements, from modern to traditional, adding elegance and style.

Dimensions / Size

18in x 30in (45cm x 75cm)
24in x 39in (60cm x 100cm)
32in x 48in (80cm x 120cm)
57in x 87in (145cm x 220cm)

24in x 24in (60cm x 60 cm)
32in x 32in (80cm x 80 cm)
39in x 39in (100cm x 100 cm)


Wood - Pine or Oak


Tapestry - Natural Wool (Raw White)

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